Current Exhibitions



09.01.18 - 10.30.18

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery is honored to announce our latest special group exhibition, “Infinite Grace 2,” an exhibition exploring themes of belonging and redefining community by celebrating and cherishing artists with diverse backgrounds who share a common path.

“Infinite Grace 2” is a collection of acclaimed international artists whose body of work is founded in their own lifelong experience of love, hope and faith.

The artists and works featured in the exhibition embody Babette’s famous line “a great artist is never poor” as they share their own journeys from hard circumstances and alienation into fulfillment and hope. This diverse group of featured artists has been selected by Kate Shin to bring their perspectives and stories as outsiders to New York City, to show the synergistic narrative of “infinite grace”.


Artful living at Nike headquarters

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery is proud to present the works of Seung Mo Park and Jae Hyo Lee at the Nike headquarters in Beaverton, OR. Seung Mo Park has created intricate wire mesh depictions of the iconic Coach K and Sebastian Coe while Jae Hyo Lee reinterprets the Nike swoosh with his signature woodworking style.