Current Exhibitions

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11.14.18 - 02.16.19

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery is honored to announce the exhibition, “BE STILL”, in which we have invited three internationally acclaimed artists whose works are rooted in stories of silence. In bringing this theme of silence to NYC’s contemporary art scene, this exhibition ex- plores the tension between the process driven “slow art” movement and the speed at which art and information are propagated. The se- lected artists embrace the idea of discovery in silence, which allowsthem to find truth, beauty, and rest. Widely recognized as a peaceful oasis in the bustling NYC area, Waterfall Mansion & Gallery is a fitting place to be still and reflect on your own internal power and fullness.


Artful living at Nike headquarters

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery is proud to present the works of Seung Mo Park and Jae Hyo Lee at the Nike headquarters in Beaverton, OR. Seung Mo Park has created intricate wire mesh depictions of the iconic Coach K and Sebastian Coe while Jae Hyo Lee reinterprets the Nike swoosh with his signature woodworking style.