"The main themes of my paintings are butterflies and flowers. They are coupled together into never ending instants, veiled in uncertainty, where every minute of existence is constantly renewed. I can feel sincerity and candor while observing the nature and the butterflies. Butterfly here means 'Psyche' (from the Greek 'ψυχή') was 'life' in the sense of 'breath', 'spirit', 'soul'. And ultimately 'ego' in the sense of 'conscious personality') I thus paint butterflies in my works representing these symbols: soul, mind, 'Numen'(the power of God) , but also beauty, shimmer, and spiritual renaissance. I started painting butterflies as I felt that similar to them I was able to modify and renew shape, with the unrestricted chances deriving from the ephemeral and transient nature of the change. While painting butterflies and focusing my mind on the literature concerning such theme I have discovered their many symbolic meanings. Through my work I want to express my impressions and feelings combined with the symbolism of butterflies."

-Hiroko Otake