"I started to create donut works in 2008, when I was in depression. During that time, I asked myself what makes me happy, and redefined the happiness in my life. I thought that fame, money, and power creates happiness success. I create a circular mold, then create a donut with fluid clay. I dry the clay donut and put it into the bisque fire. I apply underglaze to create each unique design. After painting, I put into bisque fire once more. The second bisque fire will clear out all the debris and look stronger. Then I glaze the donut and put into glaze fire. Sometimes I do multi-firing in order to make the perfect donut. Also I put decorative crystals for some of the pieces. During the time when I created the series of donuts, I made a connection to the choir singing in harmony at Brooklyn Tabernacle Church. Looking at the beautiful choir singing together, I wanted to create donuts with colorful clothes. I wish that people can see each one’s unique beauty within the diverse world."

-Jae Yong Kim