Photography and flat images tend to lend themselves to a graphic nature while sculpture and installation often try to assume a spatial-physical impact. Photography and graphic images can also be considered to be the frontier of the modern art aesthetic while sculpture stands as a pillar of the classical mode of art. Osang Gwon attempts to capitalize on the unique features of both arenas with his 'photo-sculptures' which marry the flat and the 3-dimensional, the modern and the classical, and the familiar with fantasy. By implementing the flat textures and values of an image to complement the surface of a 3-dimensional form, the two traditionally segregated worlds begin to both exaggerate and harmonize with one another. The authority of the physical object compensates for the lack of depth and tangible presence in the photographic images, while in turn the graphic and planar language of the flat image offers animation, information, and the introduction of a new visual dimension. In so many ways, Gwon is illustrating the way the modern individual experiences life in a world in which so many different forces collide, conflict, integrate, and manipulate one another to yield something spectacular and strange.

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