Past Exhibitions



05.15.19 - 08.17.19

Waterfall Gallery presents “Sea Beyond”, a Makoto Fujimura solo exhibition. It will feature Fujimura’s recent works, a monumental “Sea Beyond”, a 33’ triptych done only with Japanese oyster shell “gofun“ executed in Brehm, Fujimura’s studio in Pasadena, and “Golden Sea - A New Song”, which took two years to complete in Fujimura’s Princeton studio with unique gold/silk layering technique. Also included in the exhibit are brand new “Walking Upon Sea” large painting, small watercolor series “Mercy’s Gardens”, and Lichtenstein editions of new silkscreen “Golden Sea” prints.



03.05.19. - 05.04.19

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery is honored to announce the exhibition, “TRANSFIGURATION”, which showcases the newest series, “SPACE OF 8MM”, wherein Waterfall Mansion & Gallery has directly participated in the creation process with master ceramic artist Lee Seung Here (b. 1960, South Korea).

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11.14.18 - 02.16.19

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery is honored to announce the exhibition, “BE STILL”, in which we have invited three internationally acclaimed artists whose works are rooted in stories of silence. In bringing this theme of silence to NYC’s contemporary art scene, this exhibition ex- plores the tension between the process driven “slow art” movement and the speed at which art and information are propagated. The se- lected artists embrace the idea of discovery in silence, which allowsthem to find truth, beauty, and rest. Widely recognized as a peaceful oasis in the bustling NYC area, Waterfall Mansion & Gallery is a fitting place to be still and reflect on your own internal power and fullness.



09.01.18 - 10.30.18

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery is honored to announce our latest special group exhibition, “Infinite Grace 2,” an exhibition exploring themes of belonging and redefining community by celebrating and cherishing artists with diverse backgrounds who share a common path.

“Infinite Grace 2” is a collection of acclaimed international artists whose body of work is founded in their own lifelong experience of love, hope and faith.

The artists and works featured in the exhibition embody Babette’s famous line “a great artist is never poor” as they share their own journeys from hard circumstances and alienation into fulfillment and hope. This diverse group of featured artists has been selected by Kate Shin to bring their perspectives and stories as outsiders to New York City, to show the synergistic narrative of “infinite grace”.

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Infinite Grace

04.14.18 - 8.31.18

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery is honored to announce our newest group exhibition, “Infinite Grace,” an exhibition exploring themes of foreignness, belonging, and community. This selection of international contemporary artists is timed to coincide with the opening of Babette’s Feast at the Theatre at St. Clement’s in New York City. Waterfall artist Makoto Fujimura was part of the initial production of Isak Dinesen’s iconic story and will serve as a co-curator of our exhibition, “Infinite Grace.” “Infinite Grace” presents a creative journey inspired by the story of Babette, a refugee whose selfless giving and joy shows a community to embrace true abundance. 


New book: 2017

12.13.17 - 3.17.18

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery Is Proud To Present “NEW BOOK 2017,” A Commemoration Of Our Past Three Years And A Looking Forward To The New Story Being Created. We Invited Over 30 International Artists To Reveal The Deeper Story Behind Them And Their Work, And Present Their Work Framed Against The Physical And Historical Backdrop Of Waterfall Mansion & Gallery.

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10.23.17 - 12.04.17

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery presents the first major solo exhibition of renowned Korean artist, Lee Sung-Kuen. Lee’s figurative works, which represent organic life and growth, are composed of thin, short-length wires and brightly colored knots. The netted steel volumes that he produces juxtapose the heaviness of metal and the  light, creating a fluid dynamic between shape and space that both penetrates and expands the space the work inhabits.



8.5.17. - 10.10.17.

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery presents, Re:Collection: a special group exhibition reviewing the work of 29 acclaimed international artists.
Open to the public every Saturday 12pm - 5pm.

MakotoFujimura_Silence – Water I, 2015.png

MAKOTO FUJIMURA: Silence - homage

05.12.17 - 07.29.17

This is Fujimura's second exhibition with the Waterfall Gallery, following last year's "Silence and Beauty". Featured will be works from the "silence" theme he began pursuing in his book Silence and Beauty, which invoke the historical and aesthetic context of 17th-century Japanese history using traditional Japanese Nihonga painting techniques as well as modern western methods.



03.04.17 - 06.04.17

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery in partnership with Alodium Group present "Artful Living at the West Village Printing House." A unique experience of "Artful Living" in a lovely West Village apartment featuring works from twenty six international artists with furniture and design by world-renowned craftsmen.


Orna ben-ami: Longing and belongings

03.29.17 - 05.08.17

Israeli artist, Orna Ben-Ami, creates highly symbolic pieces originated from deeply personal meanings and shifted to universal subject of our lives. Orna Ben-Ami revisits the stories of her own life and other lives by sculpturing their belongings. She shines the lives with a longing for eternal memories.



02.24.17 - 06.09.17

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery is very proud to present HAN YOUNGSOO's solo exhibition at ICP: Han Youngsoo's Photographs of Seoul 1956–1963, open from February 24 to June 9, 2017 at the International Center of Photography (ICP) gallery at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City.



11.30.16 - 03.11.17

“A SUSTAINING LIFE”, an exhibition meant to inspire and motivate viewers in engaging in sustainability – in themselves, in their communities, and in the world. Featuring forty-two international artists with varying works on the theme of sustainability, A SUSTAINING LIFE is a dynamic conversation about the world we share and an awakening of our conscience towards social good.

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1.20.17 - 03.01.17

A special extension of A SUSTAINING LIFE hosted at Bergdorf Goodman: 754 5th Ave, 7th floor, New York, NY 10019.


Jinwon Chang: Eternal beauty

Jinwon Chang’s first major exhibition of his series of large-scale paintings in New York City. Returning from his recent engagements of museum exhibitions, these works represent a culmination of his ongoing spiritual journey from devout Buddhism to Christianity. Chang's latest series are depictions from a divine encounter he had one morning after a deep experience of prayer. From this encounter he draws the elements and motifs that narrate an ongoing visual interplay from the self to selflessness. These works invite the viewer into Chang's intimate spiritual dialogue and his earnest seeking of the eternal truth.

Metabo,2009,C-print,mixed media,130x80x105cm_1.JPG.JPG

Osang gwon: recontemporary

Osang Gwon reintroduces the sensibilities of classical sculpture to the modern viewer by combining traditional compositions and forms with digital photography prints.


Summer Celebration

An artful celebration of the summer season at the Waterfall Mansion & Gallery.


Waterfall summer ART loft at bergdorf goodman

A special collaboration with New York's iconic Bergdorf Goodman and Waterfall Mansion & Gallery.

larger (19).jpg

Kim Joon: Crashing

Using digital 3-D collage, Kim Joon manipulates the human form and striking textures to explore the themes of personal and cultural identity.


Makoto Fujimura - Silence and beauty

Focusing on the silence of suffering, Fujimura employs the ancient Japanese traditional painting style “Nihonga”, with a refreshingly modern approach. Fujimura writes, “I am simply trying to paint, using mostly 17th-century Japanese materials, what cannot be captured in photographs or digital representation”.


The Need For my care

An exhibition on women’s empowerment, “The Need For My Care”, inspired by Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman”. In honor of International Woman’s Day, we give laud to the strengths, mystery, beauty, and care that make women around the world truly phenomenal. With over 40 acclaimed international artists, The Need For My Care opens up a dialogue about the triumphs and journey of women while reflecting on the mystery and nuances of their spirit. 


Fermented souls

In partnership with the UN Foundation "Fermented Souls" an art exhibit in  honor of Korea's independence from Japan 70 years ago. Fermentation defines Korean Culture. It involves a unique maturation process that over time and under the right conditions reaches its's maximum potential. 38 international Korean and Japanese artists have been invited to celebrate the innovative and creative contributions of Korea to the world as well as symbolize the solidarity and peace between these two countries, with further hopes of a unified country.  



"Immersion - Becoming You" is to create a space where one can disconnect from the multitasking and distractions of our daily lives and be immersed in an environment to think about original purpose and design - to find one's own original purpose and language.

WATERFALL 0024 1.jpg


Waterfall Gallery's "Feel Life" Summer Art Festival, 2014.