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Waterfall Mansion & Gallery is pleased to announce a transition from Public Opening to Premium Guided Tours on Saturdays. 
Prior to your Saturday visit, please make reservations for a Waterfall Guided Tour time slot: 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm.
$12 admission fee applies (excludes children and seniors)




09.01.18 - 10.30.18

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery is honored to announce our latest special group exhibition, “Infinite Grace 2,” an exhibition exploring themes of belonging and redefining community by celebrating and cherishing artists with diverse backgrounds who share a common path.

“Infinite Grace 2” is a collection of acclaimed international artists whose body of work is founded in their own lifelong experience of love, hope and faith.

The artists and works featured in the exhibition embody Babette’s famous line “a great artist is never poor” as they share their own journeys from hard circumstances and alienation into fulfillment and hope. This diverse group of featured artists has been selected by Kate Shin to bring their perspectives and stories as outsiders to New York City, to show the synergistic narrative of “infinite grace”.





Hidden away as a gem in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, is the Waterfall Mansion & Gallery. Kate Shin, founder and developer, envisioned a space that brought art into the frame of lifestyle: "Artful Living." 

Before the being converted into the contemporary art gallery it is today, 170 E 80th Street was home to Leslie and D.D. Tillett, two of the most influential textile designers of the postwar era. Their prints were associated with the likes of Claire McCardell and Jacqueline KennedyFor two generations, the Tillett family artisans and craftsmen used the carriage house as a residence and studio since the 40's. In honor of the heritage of the property, Kate Shin designed the facade directly from a painting of the original building. The home was redesigned to be a state of the art modern gallery. With five floors including a professional grade kitchen, spacious terrace, and rooftop with a skyline view, every area of the house was designed to house prolific contemporary artworks in the context of a high-end modern home. 

Each room is thoughtfully curated with Sculpture, Paintings, Photography, Mixed Media, Installations, Ceramics, and Video Arts. The 20-foot indoor waterfall provides a stunning impact while giving the entire gallery space a peaceful and unique environment for art viewing. 

 A breathtaking 22 foot indoor waterfall serves as the heart of the gallery space.

A breathtaking 22 foot indoor waterfall serves as the heart of the gallery space.



Our vision is to create dynamic and powerful artful experiences by working with the artists to create prolific contemporary work.  We then work to curate exhibitions that showcase and tell provocative and strong stories and empower people through art education. We build a platform to connect artists to the top 1% of collectors, culture and taste makers, and international opportunities.